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Want your puppy to stop chewing (everything)?

Ok, so you have an adorable puppy.


Who has started teething and is chewing on EVERYTHING.


Your slippers, your fingers, your skirting board, your face.


Nothing is safe. Everything is a possible chewing opportunity.


That 'Indestructible' toy you bought? Turns out it IS destructible.


And It's just not the same having cuddles on the sofa wearing metal gloves and a helmet.

Help is here. Our hugely popular 'Teething box' and Teething Chews have helped 1000's of puppies.



"So far the secret to some peace and quiet, and to stop him biting! Absolute life saver"- Aston

Imagine your puppy lying happily on the floor, quietly chewing on an incredibly tasty chew.

  • A healthy 100% natural chew

  • A long lasting chew that will satisfy the urge to chew (for a while)

  • A chew packed with multiple health benefits 


"Hi, we ordered a box of your teething chews for our puppy, and just wanted to say, they are brilliant! They really seem to help her when nothing else did. We have just ordered our second box to make sure we don't run out! Thank you x" - Katie

Wouldn't it be nice for your puppy to chew on something you actually want them to chew on for a change?

We have a great variety of puppy teething chews, all in stock and ready to deliver to your door!

Our chews are great for your puppy

  • 100% natural chews with no additives or nasty stuff added

  • Absolutely no raw hide

  • Gluten and grain free

  • Dehydrated or air dried - no cooked bones

  • Low fat high protein chews

  • Aids healthy teeth and gums






What age of puppy are they suitable for?
Our teething chews are suitable for dogs aged 8 weeks or older.

"I bought a treat box for my puppy Chase, he is 12 weeks, he has only had the cow ear up to now!! All I can say is wow!! It has kept him distracted and he absolutely loves it!! The packaging is amazing, the quality of the service and I am very pleased to be helping a small family run business. Well done guys I will be back for more when they run out!!! x"- Hannah and Chase

Got some questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a friendly family business. We are famed for our speedy responses and helpful nature! We would love to hear from you 

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