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What if the foods you loved the most, those delicious treats you reward yourself with after a long hard day, were also incredibly good for you?

Wouldn't that be amazing!

Delicious, low fat and packed with health benefits but actually good for you and your body - sounds too good to be true eh?

Well, as I break off another square of chocolate (I swear this is the last piece and then I'm putting the rest away) this sadly remains a distant dream for me.

But Bentley, my beautiful Golden Retriever, is lying next to me chewing on one of his favourite treats - a cow ear.

This is when I get a bit jealous.

Not of the cow ear, he can keep that.


I'd probably only resort to chewing on his chews in some sort of post apocalyptic world where it was the only food source left and I hadn't eaten anything for at least a week.

Even then I'd think twice.

I'm jealous that the food he loves the most, the treats he goes absolutely crazy for, are the best for him! 

As I screw the empty chocolate wrapper into a ball (ok, ok, I ate it all again) I watch him busily chewing - he's been happily chewing for 20 minutes now.
I'm so glad that I discovered the world of natural dog treats.

Years ago (before I knew better) I'd just pick up dog chews from supermarkets or pet shops. It makes me shudder now when I think what was in them - packed with additives, preservatives and other nasty stuff.

The first natural dog treat I ever gave Bentley was a chicken foot. One simple chicken foot.
He loved it!

I found out that chicken foot was great for his teeth and gums (acts as a digestible toothbrush), provided a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin (great for his joints and mobility), was very low fat (but high in protein) and completely natural with nothing added whatsoever.

I was amazed!

Since then Bentley has enjoyed all sorts of natural treats - from chews that help keep his coat healthy and shiny to hairy chews that help as a natural de-wormer!

And it's not just the health benefits, the longer lasting chews keep him quietly busy for hours - great when I need to keep him occupied for a while!


Yep, he's a lucky dog.

After throwing the empty chocolate wrapper into the bin, I walk over and take a carrot out the fridge.

I look at it for a few seconds and then put it back.


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